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Bentley Hearing Services has been built on a commitment to personalized, professional and excellent service. To that end, our team are regularly trained on the latest hearing aid technologies. In partnership with each of the manufacturers, we invite you to watch these informational videos as we share with you the current trends and products. Our presentation on assistive listening devices also includes tips and strategies for using the telephone and television. Please check out the talks from our staff on the various specialized services we offer including Concussions and Hearing, Ear Cleanings and Vestibular Assessments.

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Extensive Brands

We carry an extensive line of hearing aids from a variety of manufacturers in order to ensure we can provide the best solutions for all of our clients.


Variety Of Services

In addition to hearing assessments and hearing aids, we also provide vestibular and central auditory processing assessments and custom ear plugs.


Two Locations

Bentley Hearing Services has two locations to better serve our clients. You’re welcome to book at the
office most convenient for you.