Our Services

As audiologists, we have over 60 years of combined experience. These years of training, continued education and expertise allow us to advise you on the most appropriate solutions to your hearing problems. As professionals, we are committed to providing the best care possible.

We’ll begin by getting to know you including your health and hearing history.

Next, your outer ear, ear canal and eardrum will be examined. This quick process will not be uncomfortable or invasive.

The assessment will take place in a sound booth where you will hear a series of tones. Based on your responses, we will be able to determine the level and pattern of your hearing. You may also be asked to repeat words and phrases to determine your ability to understand conversations in both noisy and quiet environments.

Following the assessment, the results will be shared with you and next steps will be discussed.

This assessment, along with a current hearing assessment, gives us an understanding of your ability to hear and process information. For example, some individuals have good hearing in quiet environments, but may find understanding information in situations with background noise to be challenging.

Often, schools or doctors request this assessment for a child. We are always happy to assess children, however, for this test they need to be at least six years old. A report will be sent to the family physician and, upon parent request, to the school. Recommendations at school may include modifications to the classroom environment or an assistive listening device.

As with the hearing test, results will be discussed with you following the assessment and recommendations will be presented.

Bentley Hearing Services has certified audiologists that are trained to remove wax from ear canals and are equipped with specialty tools that will clean your ears in a safe, sterile and effective manner.

Custom Ear Protection is available for a variety of environments:

Noise Protection

Noise plugs – These custom fit, solid earmolds provide protection from excessive noise levels. They are very helpful for individuals who work in loud environments such as manufacturing plants. Others use them for recreational activities such as shooting and at concerts.

Noise Breakers – Similar to noise plugs, these custom plugs are designed with a filter which allows the wearer to be able to communicate while still offering strong noise reduction. These are very popular in work environments.

Swim Plugs
Designed to provide excellent sealing, these soft custom molds are available in a variety of colours from clear to neon. You can choose one or have two or three colours swirled together. They can also be made to float!

Sleep Plugs
These specialized plugs make sleeping a comfortable and relaxing experience while minimizing the noise you can hear. This allows for a perfect night’s rest.

Musicians Plugs
These uniquely fit ear plugs for musicians provide optimal protection for any musician. Available with 9dB, 15 dB, or 25 dB filters, they provide a tremendous option for any musician looking to protect their hearing without sacrificing the quality of sound.