Project Description

Best piece of professional advice I received … Someone once told me to balance my work life with my family life and I read once that at the end of one’s life no one ever wished they spent more time at the office. These two thoughts have stuck with me and I have made career decisions that allowed me to enjoy my work life without sacrificing my family life.

I am motivated by … hardworking, self-motivated and caring people. I have known Barb Bentley for about 12 years and she motivates me to be better and do better. I love that she challenges us to move outside our comfort zones. Our successes are her successes. She is truly inspirational. People like Barb motivate me.

At work I am surprised by … Barb’s interest in promoting the personal growth of her employees. She does not just pay lip service to improving customer service. Our staff regularly attend conferences and seminars which shows her commitment to top quality customer service from her employees for her clients. She also promotes personal growth with the team challenges, team building activities and team rewards.