Justine Bentley


I am motivated by … Making a difference in my patient’s lives. My favourite quote … Helen Keller - "Blindness separates us from things, but deafness separates us from people." What I love about working here … moments with patients. The other day I had a 4-year-old boy stop [...]

Kate Deman


My approach to client care … is to always lead with kindness. Clients want to be understood and listened to and I am always available with kindness first and foremost. My favourite quote … Maya Angelou - "Try to be a rainbow in someone's cloud" I am motivated by … [...]

Donna Jo Laing


You might be surprised to know … Almost every job I’ve ever had is related to volunteering. I’m at Bentley Hearing because Barb and I both served on the Home and School when our children went to school together. I am motivated to … understand why something is done [...]

Pat Morelli


Best piece of professional advice I received … Someone once told me to balance my work life with my family life and I read once that at the end of one’s life no one ever wished they spent more time at the office. These two thoughts have stuck with [...]

Jennifer Saunders


The best piece of professional advice I’ve ever received … Have a little fun at work every day I am motivated to … Exceed expectations My approach to client care … Taking the time to make a connection, understand my client’s needs, deliver exceptional service, and be available Related [...]

Diane Stephenson


I am motivated to … Feedback from my clients on how their quality of life has improved. Having someone tell you that they are able to hear the birds or their grandchild is one of the biggest rewards of this career. My favourite quote … Theodore Roosevelt - "Believe [...]

Barb Taylor


I am motivated by … Helping people with whatever it is they are struggling with. At work I am surprised by … How much traveling I get to do going to workshops and conferences. My approach to client care … I like to take the time to listen to [...]

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