Hearing Aids

We believe it is important to offer our clients options. We will help you select the best hearing aid for your lifestyle.

We have partnered with many of Canada’s leading hearing aid manufacturers in order to be able to offer the best selection of options to our clients. There is a wide range of hearing aids today offering a variety of styles, circuits, features and assistive devices. We will discuss these possibilities with you and help you to make the decision on which is the best option for you.

We are experienced professionals who will give you expert advice and excellent service. If necessary, we will provide you with extraordinary technology with exceptional value.

Our Process

Our patients are always welcome to book appointments for additional follow up and adjustment appointments if they would like. In addition, we are more than happy to help if a hearing aid needs to be cleaned or needs to be repaired. Feel free to call us or stop by either of our locations.

Styles and Technologies

We will help you select the best hearing aid for your hearing situation.

Behind the Ear

Sounds are conveyed to the ear through a small tube which is connected to the hearing aid sitting behind the ear. Custom made earmolds can enhance sound transmission, if required.

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Receiver in the Ear

Receiver in the Ear (RITE), also called Receiver in the Canal (RIC) hearing aids sit comfortably behind your ear. The receiver (or loudspeaker) which is connected to the hearing aid by a thin wire rests in your ear.

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Custom Hearing Aids

The advantage of custom hearing aids is that they can be made to fit each wearer’s ear exactly. They can be made in varying sizes depending on the shape and size of the ear canal as well as the hearing loss.

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