Marketing campaigns, the recent launch of manufacturer-owned stores and growth in the number of privately owned hearing aid clinics in London, as well as varying levels of experience and education of providers has left many people confused about where to go and who to trust with their hearing. At Bentley Hearing, our goal is to offer each client an honest, fact-based recommendation about their individual hearing needs based on our years of education and experience.

In Ontario, there are two types of professionals who can dispense hearing aids but there are significant differences between the level of education and training. Our Audiologists hold Masters or Doctoral degrees in the identification and treatment of hearing and auditory processing needs based on related assessments.

We are committed to make honest and ethical recommendations regarding hearing aids, free from the influence of loyalty to any one brand. In addition, we strive to ensure that our marketing information is authentic and straightforward. Our invoices provide a summary of expenses so our clients understand exactly what they are paying for.

We are passionate about your hearing and strive to offer genuine customer service, honest recommendations and quality follow-up care. Our goal is to enter into a long-term, on-going partnership with each of our clients.

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