We are often asked how much hearing aids cost. The honest answer is that it depends on your lifestyle and hearing requirements.
Each manufacturer offers hearing aids options which vary according to technology levels and features. Typically, there are entry-level, mid-level and high-level technologies with the number of features increasing according to the level of technology. As a result, the price level also increases with each level. Your lifestyle will determine which level of technology will most successfully meet your needs.

At Bentley Hearing Services, we recognize that a financial investment in hearing aids is also a lifestyle investment. While the typical price range for a pair of mid and high level hearing aids is $4000 – $6000, most people wear their hearing aids 16 hours per day, 7 days a week and 52 weeks of the year. Considering the longevity of hearing aids, this works out to be the equivalent of a cup of coffee a day.

It’s also important for you to know that in Ontario, the Ministry of Health’s Assistive Devices Program (ADP) offer a $500 grant for both the left and right hearing aid every 5 years for Ontario residents with a valid health card and a current hearing aid prescription. We will provide the required paperwork and help you with completing it. After it’s done, we would be happy to submit it on your behalf and deduct the portion paid by ADP from your invoice so that you don’t have to wait for any reimbursement.

Studies have shown that individuals who shop around and purchase based on the lowest price only tend to have a higher level of dissatisfaction with the provider and the hearing aids. In addition, they typically replace them within a couple of years with options that better align with their lifestyle requirements from providers who provide a higher level of service.

We want to be a long-term partner with you on your hearing journey. Our team are committed to be here for you over the years for hearing aid adjustments, maintenance, continued assessments and making changes to the hearing aids as your lifestyle and/or hearing needs change. We are here to work with you and your budget. If it’s helpful, financing options are available for two of our manufacturer partners through PayBright.

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  • Instant approvals online or in-clinic

  • No obligation, no commitment

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