In all health care settings prior to August, 2001, hearing assessments were covered by OHIP. Unfortunately, since that time hearing assessments have not been covered by our governmental health plan. (The exception to this may be if a patient is being seen by an otolaryngologist or ear, nose and throat specialist where a hearing test is performed during the appointment. The test may be billable by the specialist.)

Procedure Pricing

Procedure Appointment Length Price
Hearing Assessment – Initial
(Complimentary for everyone 55+)
1 hour $65 without hearing aids
$90 with hearing aids
Hearing Assessment – Repeat 30-45 minutes $65 without hearing aids
$90 with hearing aids
Vestibular Assessment
(includes Hearing Assessment)
2 hours $200
Ear Cleaning 15 minutes $40
Children’s Hearing Assessment 30 minutes $65
Central Auditory Processing
(includes Hearing Assessment)*Minimum 6 years of age
1 hour $200

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