How do I prepare for my appointment?


It’s exciting that you are considering having your hearing assessed and we would love to meet you. Here are some things we’d like you to know: Before Your Appointment Many people find it’s helpful to bring a friend or family member to the appointment. If someone who is around you frequently attends with you, this [...]

How do I prepare for my appointment?2018-11-02T10:31:25-04:00

Where are the Client Reviews?


Wondering why you can’t find any reviews or testimonials for Bentley Hearing Services on our website? Audiologists in Ontario are regulated by the College of Audiologists and Speech Language Pathologists Ontario (CASLPO) who have determined that to ensure a high level of clinical standard reviews and testimonials are NOT permitted on their websites. We [...]

Where are the Client Reviews?2021-12-01T09:58:42-05:00

Do I need a hearing aid prescription?


A prescription is a requirement to purchase a hearing aid in the province of Ontario with only Physicians and Certified Audiologists having the ability to prescribe hearing aids. At Bentley Hearing Services our prescription is based on your hearing assessment as well as a discussion of your every day hearing needs based on your daily [...]

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How much do hearing aids cost? Is financing available?


We are often asked how much hearing aids cost. The honest answer is that it depends on your lifestyle and hearing requirements. Each manufacturer offers hearing aids options which vary according to technology levels and features. Typically, there are entry-level, mid-level and high-level technologies with the number of features increasing according to the level [...]

How much do hearing aids cost? Is financing available?2018-12-06T16:48:56-05:00

How much do assessments cost and are they paid by OHIP?


In all health care settings prior to August, 2001, hearing assessments were covered by OHIP. Unfortunately, since that time hearing assessments have not been covered by our governmental health plan. (The exception to this may be if a patient is being seen by an otolaryngologist or ear, nose and throat specialist where a hearing [...]

How much do assessments cost and are they paid by OHIP?2021-12-01T08:31:12-05:00

How do I know where to go and who to trust?


Marketing campaigns, the recent launch of manufacturer-owned stores and growth in the number of privately owned hearing aid clinics in London, as well as varying levels of experience and education of providers has left many people confused about where to go and who to trust with their hearing. At Bentley Hearing, our goal is to [...]

How do I know where to go and who to trust?2018-11-02T10:32:51-04:00
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