We’ve all heard the saying “don’t put anything in your ear that’s smaller than your elbow!”.  Most people have heard that you shouldn’t use Q-tips in your ears, yet they still do it. Why is that? Most people think that wax in their ears is bad or dirty and therefore needs to be removed. However, a little bit of wax in your ears is normal and serves a purpose.

Wax stops dust and other particles from entering the ear canal. It also maintains the pH balance in your ear and keeps the ear healthy. If someone doesn’t make enough wax, the skin in their ear canals can become dry and itchy. Wax will remove itself from your ear, so don’t worry about using Q-tips. Wax drops can be used to keep the wax softened so that it will easily flow out on its own.

The main reason we advise against Q-tips is that you could potentially injure yourself and your ear drum. However, Q-tips can also dry out the ears causing itchiness. Another possibility is that the Q-tip ends up pushing the wax deeper into the ear, making it harder for it to come out naturally. The best solution is to consult a professional to seek the right care when possible.

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